The following rules and conditions must be fulfilled in all their points from the moment on which the reservation is made, the arrival at the house, while you are staying, and until you leave the house. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. reserves the right of cancelling the reservation or stay immediately, and your consequential removal without refund under any circumstances.

Minimum stay can vary depending on accommodation and/or season (check with the detailed description on our web site at When you book a week-stay pack, it means that you are booking an eight-day stay with seven overnight stays according to check-in and check-out times which will be specified later.

Prices are always in EUROS (€), they include taxes and they vary according to season and special events. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. reserves the right of changing them, updating them on our web site at the same time. All standard consumptions, commissions and other additional costs are included in the final price.

It is not allowed to exceed the maximum capacity of each accommodation. The number of adults, children and under-2s that will stay at the house should be notified to us when making the booking.


  1. Deposit payment: you must leave a 30% of the full amount of the booking as a deposit in order to secure the accommodation. You will be able to make this payment through bank transfer. The charges related to this payment method will be paid by the customer.
  2. Booking confirmation: once you have made the payment of the deposit, the booking will be confirmed instantly and you will receive an email with all the details (booking´s details, accommodation´s address, contact person, etc.).
  3. Remaining amount: the remaining sum will be paid in EUROS (€) on arrival at the accommodation.

Cancellation terms and conditions: once the booking has been confirmed and the deposit paid, if the customer decides to cancel it, this deposit will be returned according to the following criteria:

  • 100% of the deposit in case of cancellation of the booking with more than 30 days in advance with regard to the date set to occupy the accommodation.
  • 50% of the deposit in case of cancellation of the booking between 30 and 15 days in advance with regard to the date set to occupy the accommodation.
  • No percentage of the deposit will be returned in case of cancellation of the booking with less than 15 days in advance with regard to the date set to occupy the accommodation.

If the customer does not turn up at the accommodation without a previous communication in writing, this could lead us to charge for the full stay. The cancellations of any kind even force majeure will be subject to these cancellation terms. In any case, Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. always recommends you to take out trip cancellation insurance to avoid problems.

The house offers you a fully equipped kitchen, living room with TV and DVD, 3 bedrooms (1 room with double bed, 1 room with twin beds and the last one with a bunk beds and single bed) and 1 bathroom.

The standard expenses of electricity, gas-oil and water incurred during the stay will be included in the rental price. The accommodation is cleaned before each customer arrives and it has a set of sheets and towels per person (weekly change). Beach towels are not included. On the departure day, the customer must leave the accommodation in an acceptable conditions. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. has the right to charge additional expenses related to cleaning (50 Euros) when the accommodation has not been left in an acceptable conditions.

A security deposit of 200 € will be required for furniture and/or utensils, installations and equipment. This deposit will be returned once we can verify that there is no damage as well as everything in the house being in good conditions at the end of the stay.

In case the customer decides to change or modify the dates of entry/departure related to a confirmed booking, Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. is committed to look for a satisfactory solution whenever possible. However, the final price will not be modified in case of reducing the number of days which had been booked previously. For any kind of changes subsequent on confirmed bookings, a surcharge for management costs will be applied (25 EUROS).

If the accommodation could not be occupied due to overbooking or unforeseen causes no attributable to Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L., Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. will contact the customer as soon as possible and try to look for an alternative. If the cited options were not possible or you did not accept a change, the booking would be cancelled and the full paid amount would be returned immediately. Subsequent claims will not be accepted on the part of the customer in these cases.

Check-in time: from 4 pm to 9 pm. Check-out time: before 12 am. Both check-in and check-out times will be flexible and negotiable provided that there are not other bookings at a later or earlier date. The customer must inform their expected arrival time. It is mandatory to inform your arrival time at least 2 days in advance, otherwise, we cannot guarantee check-in time.

You should submit a photocopy of DNI or passport of the person who made the booking at check-in and then you must pay the balance due. Check-outs after 12 am without permission from Koa Escuela de Surf S.L.L. will attract a charge of an extra-day.

Any complaints must be informed Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. immediately in order to solve the problem. In case that the reason of the complaint is responsibility of Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L., we are committed to find any satisfactory solutions for the customers. Koa Escuela de Surf will not be in any case responsible for reasons beyond our control or force majeure or unforeseen events, such as:

  • Noise made by works next to the booked apartment.
  • Power cuts alien to the apartment.
  • Breakdowns
  • Etc.

Complaints will not be accepted once you leave the apartment, and therefore any rights to any compensation or solution will be lost.

The customer is asked to respect the accommodation´s rules and especially the hours of rest. The customer also is asked to follow the instructions of use and maintenance that the company provides and respect the rules related to noises, garbage collection, normal electricity consumption, water, etc… In case of breach of obligations mentioned above, Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. has the right to ask the customer to leave the accommodation and the customer will have no right to any monetary compensation. Neither Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. nor the owner will be responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused as a consequence of the use of the accommodation, included without limit; destructions, losses due to fire, burglaries or crime.

All descriptions and information will be applied to the published apartment. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. does everything possible to be accurate and check the details as much as possible. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. is not responsible for any mistakes or omissions that might arise. In addition, Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. has the right to change published information on Koa´s web site such as prices, descriptions and photos at any time. Koa Escuela de Surf, S.L.L. reserves the right to update any conditions at any time if required, according to the company business.